Premise Liability Tips

Slip and fall accidents are a persistent concern for homeowners and business operators alike. Recently, Michigan has undergone a change in premises liability laws, increasing the potential risks for property owners in the event of an accident. This blog post aims to explore effective measures to reduce the likelihood of slip and fall incidents and adapt to the altered legal landscape in Michigan.

  1. Frequent Maintenance and Inspections:

    Heighten your commitment to regular property maintenance checks. Vigilant inspections help identify and rectify potential hazards promptly, mitigating the increased liability associated with the revised law.

  2. Enhanced Lighting:

    Prioritize adequate lighting throughout your property. Well-lit areas not only improve safety but also demonstrate a proactive approach to risk management, a critical factor under the revised premises liability law.

  3. Clear Walkways:

    Maintain unobstructed walkways by promptly removing snow, ice, debris, and other potential tripping hazards. The heightened liability underscores the importance of meticulous attention to outdoor conditions, especially in Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

  4. Warning Signage:

    Utilize warning signs when hazards cannot be immediately addressed. This not only contributes to visitor safety but also provides documented evidence of your efforts to inform others about potential dangers.

  5. Secure Handrails:

    Ensure that handrails are securely installed and regularly inspected for stability, offering crucial support to prevent accidents. The revised law places greater emphasis on property owners to uphold safety standards.

  6. Comprehensive Employee Training:

    Invest in thorough training for your staff, emphasizing the increased importance of maintaining a safe environment. Employees should be well-versed in promptly addressing spills, reporting hazards, and contributing to overall safety efforts.

  7. Documented Maintenance Procedures:

    Maintain meticulous records of all property maintenance activities. In the face of heightened liability, comprehensive documentation becomes a crucial element in establishing a proactive approach to safety.

Michigan’s Altered Premises Liability Law:

The recent revision of Michigan’s premises liability law has shifted the landscape by rescinding the “open and obvious” standard in determining liability. Property owners now face an increased burden, with a greater emphasis on their duty to maintain a safe environment.

While the new law may expose property owners to higher risks of lawsuits, it should not discourage proactive safety measures. Instead, property owners should view these changes as an incentive to enhance safety protocols and minimize potential liabilities.


Slip and fall accidents present inherent risks, and the recent changes in Michigan’s premises liability law have heightened the stakes for property owners. By adopting a proactive and comprehensive approach to safety, property owners can mitigate these risks and demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of visitors. Stay informed, adapt to the revised legal framework, and prioritize safety to create an environment that minimizes slip and fall incidents and safeguards against potential lawsuits.

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