Brussels Sprouts and Brand Camp

Back in November 2013, I was attending “Brand Camp”, an industry marketing event—I’m always trying to stay at the top of my game when it comes to being the best agency in the region. What I didn’t expect was that I’d make so many great friends at this event. I was having dinner with several up-and-coming agents in the industry, including digital marketing guru Liz Kittell. When it came time to order, the Brussels sprouts sounded really good, and Liz and I ended up sharing an order of them.

Somehow, those Brussels sprouts have become a running joke between Liz and me. I’ve started a Brussels sprouts garden in my own backyard, and I routinely taunt her when I’m enjoying a serving of them. This goofy friendship, however, has transformed into a great working relationship. Liz and I enjoy bouncing ideas off one another and she’s been a great help to my agency’s marketing.

So what’s my point? The Brussels sprouts story, to me, illustrates the way we can so easily get caught up in the day-to-day struggle with work, activities, and obligations that it becomes hard to be present and engage with people other than immediate family and a few close friends. If we’re not paying attention, we can miss opportunities to connect with other human beings and develop new relationships.

So I’ve been inspired lately to make more of an effort to connect with my clients and friends. I want to be a regular part of your lives as well as your friendly neighborhood insurance expert. It means a lot to me to be one of the top agencies in the Richmond area and I don’t take the honor lightly. It’s my goal to always be open and available to clients and others in the community.

To that end, I’ll be updating this blog regularly, sharing my experiences, what’s going on with our agency family, and some (hopefully) helpful info for my clients. Feel free to shoot questions and comments my way, either in the comments section below or through our contact page.

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