Accelerated Underwriting Life Insurance

Life Insurance without Blood Tests or Urine Samples

When we speak to people about Life Insurance there are two things that seem to be hurdles for them to make the decision on protecting their family.

  1. They have no idea on what it will cost them! And those who have an idea, they typically overestimate the actual cost.
  2. They do not want to go thru the underwriting process which typically includes a visit from a nurse to collect blood for a blood test and a urine sample.

If either or both of the above have you worried we are here to help!

  • With just a little bit of information we can provide you with some estimated monthly costs.
  • Some Insurance Companies have relaxed their underwriting guidelines. Most people under age 60 who have no underlying health issues and fall within standard height/weight guidelines there will be NO physical, NO visit from a nurse, NO Blood test, NO urine sample.

Just fill out the short form below and we will get to work and get back to you shortly!

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